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Kids Special Gifts For Sister Available Online

Details of Creative's Who\'s Hiding
Creative's Who\'s Hiding - image

Creative's Who\'s Hiding

$  2.67

With the help of 56 beautifully illustrated, sturdy, easy to handle cards of this unique game the child will identify and name 28 amazing animals, discover which animal looks like a leaf, why some turtles look like pebbles and how tigers hide in grass. They can explore how animals use camouflage for both hunting and protection.

Memory Skill, Observation, Thinking
  • Age : 4 & up
  • Category : Logical, Reasoning

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Details of Skillofun Fun ID - Transport (Raised)
Skillofun Fun ID - Transport (Raised) - image

Skillofun Fun ID - Transport (Raised)

$  6.58

Fun way to learn about transport!

  • This tray has six chunky cutouts of different modes of transport.
  • The shapes come out easily since they are raised.
  • Identify the transport and the cavity and place them back in the correct cavity.
  • This puzzle is self-corrective. 
  • Dimension (in mm) : 300x220x18
  • Material : MDF, Non-toxic Inks
  • Packaging : Strong Pouch

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Details of Pen Pot Kingdom Red
Pen Pot Kingdom Red - image

Pen Pot Kingdom Red

$  3.32

Keep all your pens and nick naks in this wooden pen pot, it makes a fab addition to our great collection of small bedroom accessories with a special table and chair set to match.

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Details of Skillofun Fishing Challenge
Skillofun Fishing Challenge - image

Skillofun Fishing Challenge

$  7.92

A fun game for the whole family! Use the magnetic rods to fish!

  • Available are one play pond, 2 magnetic fishing rods and 3 sets of sea animals in three different sizes each.

Make the game a fun learning experience.

  • Have the child add, subtract, count, identify colors and sizes, and sort animals.
  • Let the child count the animals at the end of the game...the one with the maximum catch wins!
  • Allot values to each animal and let the child add those values at the end of the game. The one with the maximum value wins!

This game is a great way to improve hand & eye coordination and manual dexterity.

  • Dimension (in mm) : 175x150x38
  • Material : MDF, Non-toxic Inks, Magnet
  • Packaging : Printed Box

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Details of Skillofun Sort & Stack
Skillofun Sort & Stack - image

Skillofun Sort & Stack

$  6.58

A wonderful way to learn about many different categories and improve communication.

  • Two people can play this game.
  • There are eight different categories of wooden tiles like professions, fruits, vegetables, anmals etc .
  • They are also colored differently.
  • Start with putting any wooden tile into the grid.
  • Now identify the object.
  • Then figure out its category or attribute.
  • Identify another wooden tile that matches that category or attribute (like color) and stack it over it.
  • Make sure the child spells out the logic behind stacking a tile over another.
  • Dimension (in mm) : 230x65x155
  • Material : MDF, Non-toxic Inks
  • Packaging : Strong Pouch

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Details of Creative's Animal Babies & Habitats
Creative's Animal Babies & Habitats - image

Creative's Animal Babies & Habitats

$  2.33

A unique self-correcting matching game that helps children to learn more about animals. It helps them know more about their babies and habitats. It also helps them discover what each animal looks like and how it has adapted to its natural environment.

Basic Learning, Classification, Visual discrimination
  • Age : 4 & up
  • Category : Animal Babies, habitats

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Details of Skillofun Rope Ladder (5 String)
Skillofun Rope Ladder (5 String) - image

Skillofun Rope Ladder (5 String)

$  17.42

For climbing fun - indoors and outdoors.

  • Great for improving co-ordination and strength.
  • Sturdily made.
  • Five 330 mm wide rungs are solid wood dowels 30 mm thick.
  • Sanded smooth for small hands to grasp securely.
  • Super tough rope in one continuous length.
  • Approx. 2 meters high.
  • Dimension (in mm) : 300x1800
  • Material : Wood, Non-toxic Inks, Jute
  • Packaging : Strong Pouch

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Details of Creative's Play and Learn - In the Bedroom
Creative's Play and Learn - In the Bedroom - image

Creative's Play and Learn - In the Bedroom

$  1.65

An exciting puzzle from Creative's to improve your child's imaginative skill. This puzzle includes pictures of different objects in the bedroom. Your child can match different images to the main picture to complete the puzzle. This helps your child to learn new words and activities related to the bedroom. This also develops its hand-eye coordination.

Improve Senses, Basic Knowledge, develop dexterity, Identification, Classification, Vocabulary
  • Age : 2.5 & up
  • Category : Puzzles

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Details of Puzzle Block Wild Woods Blue
Puzzle Block Wild Woods Blue - image

Puzzle Block Wild Woods Blue

$  8.32

Old favorites and new discoveries make up our selection of wooden games and puzzles. From memory games to picture cube puzzles.

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Details of Skillofun Marathi Alphabet Picture  Tray
Skillofun Marathi Alphabet Picture  Tray - image

Skillofun Marathi Alphabet Picture Tray

$  11.58


Now learn Marathi in a fun way!

  • All thirty-six Marathi consonants are available in this colorful tray, along with the images of objects that start with them.
  • All the alphabets come out of their cavities with the help of the knobs.
  • Identify the object and the associated alphabet and place the alphabet back in its cavity.
  • This product is 100% non-toxic and child safe.


  • Dimension (in mm) : 300x460x8
  • Material : MDF, Non-Toxic Inks
  • Packaging : Packed in Strong Pouch

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