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Kids Special Gifts For Sister Available Online

Details of Creative's Alphabet - Flash Cards
Creative's Alphabet - Flash Cards - image

Creative's Alphabet - Flash Cards

$  2.42

A pack of activity cards that help children to recognize and name popular alphabets, learn to associate them with everyday objects, and find and name the alphabets from different pictures/scenes. The cards have pictorial representation of the alphabets and their associations on one side, and more words beginning with the same latter the other.

Letters of alphabet, Basics, Language
  • Age : 3 & up
  • Category : Alphabet

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Details of Creative's Tools We Use
Creative's Tools We Use - image

Creative's Tools We Use

$  2.92

There are 14 sets of problems, tools and their solutions to match. As children put pictures of these sets together in their logical order they understand the use of different tools in their day-to-day life.

basics, Learning, Reading, concentration
  • Age : 4 & up
  • Category : Tools

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Details of Creative's Nature to Home
Creative's Nature to Home - image

Creative's Nature to Home

$  2.92

Introduce your child to enquire and discover, understand logical order, and develop essential science skills. Teach him/her how many products of our daily use come from nature by matching the 18 sets of 3-pieces self correcting match ups. This will improve his/her understanding of nature and make them understand how these products reach us for our everyday use.

Sociality, Good Habits, LogicalThinking
  • Age : 4 & up
  • Category : Nature

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Details of Creative's Let\'s Find out - Who?
Creative's Let\'s Find out - Who? - image

Creative's Let\'s Find out - Who?

$  2.92

With this amazing and fascinating puzzle game, “Creative’s Let’s Find Out Who” make education fun while learning about different occupation. Children match up question/picture puzzles with their corresponding answers/pictures to practice pre-reading/reading skills. This exciting puzzle set has pictures and written question/answer for the readers and non reader players of the fun game.

Product Features:

  • Match game with 27 large two pieces puzzles
  • Beautifully illustrated
  • Activity guide
  • Easy to carry
  • Fun to play
  • Durable
  • Age: 4 years and up

How it benefit kids?

It helps in enhancing visual discrimination, early learning concept, ability to answer and question skills, practice expressive and receptive language, comprehension and verbal expression skills and reading skills too.

How to Play:

For non-readers:

Take out 3-4 sets from the box and separate the puzzle pieces. Pick the question cards and read loudly and ask kids to answer them by matching it. Repeat the process with each card.

For readers:

Ask children to read the question cards and answer them by matching to the corresponding picture cards.

Visual Discrimination, Early Learning concept, Reading Skill, Ability to ask & answer question
  • Age : 4 & up
  • Category : General Science

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Details of Creative's Early Puzzles - 3
Creative's Early Puzzles - 3 - image

Creative's Early Puzzles - 3

$  0.92

A set of 4 Self - Correcting Shaped Puzzles.

  • Beautiful illustrations of topics from everyday life, Graded from Easy to Difficult ( less pieces to more pieces), Each a set of 4 shaped Puzzles , Tried and Tested,
  • 3, 4, 5, 6 Pieces for shape puzzles Beautiful illustrations of topics from everyday life, Graded from Easy to Difficult ( less pieces to more pieces), Each a set of 4 shaped Puzzles.
  • Visual Recognition, concentration
    • Age : 2.5 & up
    • Category : Puzzles

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    Details of Creative's Indian Safari
    Creative's Indian Safari - image

    Creative's Indian Safari

    $  4.75

    Learning of Physical Feature of world
    • Age : 9 & up
    • Category : Territories, Physical features, Capitals

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    Details of Creative's Memory Play
    Creative's Memory Play - image

    Creative's Memory Play

    $  4.42

    A set of four different memory games to help your child improve his/her logical thinking, sequencing and storytelling skills. It will also improve his/her concentration, and power of observation and visual discrimination.

    Observation, Concentration, Memory Skill, Logical Thinking
    • Age : 3 & up
    • Category : Brain Power (Cognitive Skill), Memory

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    Details of Creative's Action Words
    Creative's Action Words - image

    Creative's Action Words

    $  2.67

    An exciting word and picture matching game in which children associate action words (verbs) with attractive pictures related to their favourite everyday activities. This easy to use, self-checking game helps in improving a child's vocabulary and language skills.

    Basic Knowledge, Learning, Vocabulary
    • Age : 4 & up
    • Category : Action words, Verbs

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    Details of Creative's Quiz Time - I
    Creative's Quiz Time - I - image

    Creative's Quiz Time - I

    $  3.00

    It is quiz time and you need to answer before time runs out on you. A highly enjoyable & challenging game to improve vocabulary and knowledge. The clock ticking and the players must speak words beginning with the alphabet and relating to the subject that the spinner has found for them. An exciting game that combines quick responsiveness, chance, the development of vocabulary and general knowledge. It has a beautifully illustrated play board and comes with 2 adjustable concentric discs, a spinner at the centre, an easy to handle timer and a reference book with 12 different topics related to the child's immediate environment.

    Sharpen Memory, Learning, Observation, Concentration
    • Age : 6 & up
    • Category :

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    Details of Creative's Food Groups
    Creative's Food Groups - image

    Creative's Food Groups

    $  2.75

    This game teaches children the importance of food groups and their impact on our health. It consists of 4 play board, a spinner, 40 counters in 4 different colours and an activity book. Children should match the objects to the spin of the spinner and the first one to fill the board wins. Learn how each food group is important to our health. This is a truly engaging and fun-filled game.

    Keen Observation, Memory Skills, Basic Knowledge, concentration
    • Age : 5 & up
    • Category : Food

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    Details of Wall Hanger Chhota Bheem Green Meadows Green
    Wall Hanger Chhota Bheem Green Meadows Green - image

    Wall Hanger Chhota Bheem Green Meadows Green

    $  3.32

    Decorating your little ones bedroom just got easier with this bright wooden wall hanger. Teach your little one to hang their crche bag, jackets and jumpers on the hooks!

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    Details of Creative's Animals, Their Homes & Foods
    Creative's Animals, Their Homes & Foods - image

    Creative's Animals, Their Homes & Foods

    $  2.33

    This is a challenging and enjoyable game that will develop your child's ability of visual recall and build up his/ her basic vocabulary. With the help of beautifully illustrated, sturdy, and easy to handle cards, it will help your child identify and name 21 important domestic and wild animals, discover the food habits and homes of different animals and birds. It will also help them understand what their homes are built of, how they look, and why their homes and eating habits are different from ours.

    Basic Learning, Classification, Visual discrimination
    • Age : 4 & up
    • Category : Animals, Habitats, Food habit

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