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Premium Chocolates Occasion Chocolates Gifts For Wife Available Online

Details of Chocolate Bars
Chocolate Bars - image

Chocolate Bars

$  8.25

CHOCOLATE BAR : This elegant gift pack contains four chocolate bars made with these flavors: heavenly milk, bittersweet dark, bittersweet almond, Fruit n Nut. Net weight of chocolates: 160 gm

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Details of Best of all Worlds
Best of all Worlds - image

Best of all Worlds

$  20.75

BEST OF ALL WORLDS : This elegant gift box is filled with four chocolate slabs, Heavenly Milk, Bittersweet Dark, Bittersweet Almond, Butterscotch, and 8 Original Milk chocolate coated biscuits, and 12 assorted chocolate truffles, orange sensation, nougat crisp, coffee, fruit n nut, almond, butterscotch. Net weight of chocolates :500 gms.

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Details of Romantic I Miss You
Romantic I Miss You - image

Romantic I Miss You

$  6.25

ROMANTIC I MISS YOU : Show your loved ones how much you think of them, I Miss You bar, created from our dark couverture and 4 heart shaped chocolates from our Signature range, almond, cashew, butterscotch. Size of Box : 12 cm x 12 cm , net wt : 105 gm

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Details of Assorted Goodies
Assorted Goodies - image

Assorted Goodies

$  39.92

This super size hamper shipped filled with amazing chocolate truffles, heavenly milk, coffee, orange sensation, nougat crisp, fruit n nut, almond, butterscotch, and 10 cute lollipops in Disney/cartoon characters and 10 chocolate coated biscuits, Original Milk Basket size 14” oval, Net weight of chocolates: 900 gm Note: Individual color of basket may differ from image.

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Details of All Time Love
All Time Love - image

All Time Love

$  11.58

ALL TIME LOVE : This romantic chocolate selection consists an assortment of our decadent soft centered heart shaped truffles, rum truffles, pure truffles, orange truffles; get the Melt in the mouth experience! Net wt. of chocolates: 240 gm

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Details of It is U I Love
It is U I Love - image

It is U I Love

$  20.75

IT’S U I LOVE : This romantic hamper filled with an assortment of our delightful truffles, orange sensation, coffee, fruit n nut, nougat crisp, heavenly milk, bittersweet dark, almond, butterscotch and an Edible chocolate which says "I LOVE U" and a cute Teddy Bear. Net weight of chocolates: 280 gm. Basket size 8" diameter, teddy bear size 6 “ length. Note: Individual color of Teddy Bear and basket may differ from image.

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Details of I Wuv You
I Wuv You - image

I Wuv You

$  5.75

I WUV YOU: This chocolate says it all "I WUV U", created from our special dark couverture. Packed in an elegant gift box. Net wt. of chocolate :105 gm

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Details of Thinking of You
Thinking of You - image

Thinking of You

$  5.75

THINKING OF YOU : A set of two chocolates, says "Thinking of You" in our very own dark chocolate; packed in an elegant gift box. Net weight of chocolates: 70 gm

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Details of Almond Combo
Almond Combo - image

Almond Combo

$  9.08

ALMOND COMBO : From our signature and premium range: four Almond logs, four premium chocolates, One Milk Biscuit Chocolate and two butterscotch chocolates packed in an elegant gift box. Net wt of chocolates: 170 gm

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Details of Heart Delight Box
Heart Delight Box - image

Heart Delight Box

$  4.08

HEART DELIGHT BOX: This cute box shipped with heart shaped crunchy truffles from our signature range, Almond, Butterscotch, Fruit n nut, and Nougat Crisp. Net weight of chocolates : 60 gm

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Details of Pralines For You
Pralines For You - image

Pralines For You

$  6.58

PRALINES FOR YOU: 12 heart shaped chocolates with a small heart on top, making it doubly romantic for gifting to your beloved. Net weight of chocolates 120 gm

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Details of Heart View Box
Heart View Box - image

Heart View Box

$  5.75

HEART VIEW BOX : This box with some of our delicious signature truffles, an assortment of Almond, Nougat Crisp, Orange sensation ,Butterscotch, Fruit 'n' nut. Net weight of chocolates : 100 gm. Note: individual colour of box may differ from image

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