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Details of Creative's Read, Match and Practice - Alphabet -  New
Creative's Read, Match and Practice - Alphabet -  New - image

Creative's Read, Match and Practice - Alphabet - New

$  3.32

Give your pre-school kid this fun-filled game to develop early language skills. It has 26 sets of two-piece self correcting puzzles. Your kid has to match one piece of the puzzle which has an alphabet with the other piece which has a picture of an object starting with that alphabet. It teaches your child to read, match and practise till it matches perfectly. This game is a wonderful combination of puzzles, a board book and an activity book.

basics, Learning, Reading, concentration
  • Age : 3 & up
  • Category : Alphabet

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Details of Creative's Days of the Week
Creative's Days of the Week - image

Creative's Days of the Week

$  2.42

A fun and innovative way to teach your child about days of the week. Your child will understand that there are 7 days in a week and will also get introduced to the concept of today, tomorrow and yesterday. This will also help your baby to organize better. This is a 7 piece puzzle set that also contains a spinner, a wipe-clean "my week planner" and an activity guide.

Basic Knowledge, Learning
  • Age : 5 & up
  • Category : Days of Week

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Details of Creative's My World
Creative's My World - image

Creative's My World

$  3.58

An exciting activity kit from Creative's to make your child's study time more exciting. This jigsaw puzzle includes the names of continents, oceans, mountains and more. This will help your child in learning different geographical features of the world and develops your child's early learning skill. Solving puzzle will develop your child's logical skill.

Learning of Physical Feature of world
  • Age : 8 & up
  • Category : Geography

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Details of Creative's Bug Watch
Creative's Bug Watch - image

Creative's Bug Watch

$  5.83

An amazing educational toy from Creative's filled with both fun and learning. This bug watch game includes a bug jar with built-in magnifying glass to examine real bugs from close. This comes with a hand book explaining how to observe and explore different insects. This game requires keen observation and hence develops your child's thinking and imaginative skill. This will also enhance your child's hand-eye coordination.

Experiment, Observation, Concentration
  • Age : 2 & up
  • Category : Insects
  • Improves hand-eye coordination
  • Develops your child's thinking skill

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Details of Creative's Vocabulary Building - Antonyms
Creative's Vocabulary Building - Antonyms - image

Creative's Vocabulary Building - Antonyms

$  2.42

Help your child build an impressive vocabulary. This set teaches your child about opposite words. There are 25 self-correcting match ups with opposites like sleep-awake, alight-board. Your child has to choose the correct meaning of words that are opposite in meaning and match the two pieces with the help of picture or written clues. Your child will also understand the basic concepts of language and use these antonyms (opposites) in simple sentences and learn that many words have opposites.

Learning, Vocabulary, Reading, Language
  • Age : 4 & up
  • Category : Phonemic wareness, Antonyms

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Details of Creative's See & Learn Alphabet (Flash Cards)
Creative's See & Learn Alphabet (Flash Cards) - image

Creative's See & Learn Alphabet (Flash Cards)

$  2.42

Now learning alphabets become more fun with this exciting card set from Creative's. This includes a set of colourful flash cards featuring pictorial representations of alphabets and their associations and different words. This will help your child to learn alphabets and words easily and improves their vocabulary. The eye-catching cards will also enhance their hand-eye coordination.

Basics, Concentration, Knowledgeable, Learning
  • Age : 3 & up
  • Category : Alphabet
  • Your child can learn alphabets with fun
  • Learning different words will improve your child's vocabulary
  • Improves your child's hand-eye coordination

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Details of Creative's Action Words
Creative's Action Words - image

Creative's Action Words

$  2.67

An exciting word and picture matching game in which children associate action words (verbs) with attractive pictures related to their favourite everyday activities. This easy to use, self-checking game helps in improving a child's vocabulary and language skills.

Basic Knowledge, Learning, Vocabulary
  • Age : 4 & up
  • Category : Action words, Verbs

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Details of Creative's Colour - Flash Cards
Creative's Colour - Flash Cards - image

Creative's Colour - Flash Cards

$  2.42

This product consists of 40 large and thick laminated cards and activity guide. It helps your little kid to learn about colours and words in the most innovative and fun way. One side of the flash cards has pictorial representations and the other their associations and a word beginning with the same letter. Match different set of objects and learn to sequence colours.

Recognises Colours, Basic Knowledge
  • Age : 3 & up
  • Category : Shape & Colour

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Details of Creative's Brain Boosters - II
Creative's Brain Boosters - II - image

Creative's Brain Boosters - II

$  3.32

Early learning has never been so much fun! Brain Boosters - 2 comes with 66 innovative activities that make this new Wipe-Clean card game a sure way to reinforce basic skills and boost your child's confidence. It is the best way to develop your kid's reading, writing, arithmetic and language skills. It is a game of easy questions in picture form. Consisting of 12 double sided printed cards, it has question sheets and different answer sheets to help your child learn about shapes, colours, sizes, number concepts, position, opposites, letter sounds, memory & animal world.

IQ, Practice, Observation, Concentration
  • Age : 3 & up
  • Category : Brain Power (Cognitive Skill), Logic, Reasoning

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Details of Creative's Everyday Games - Letters at Play
Creative's Everyday Games - Letters at Play - image

Creative's Everyday Games - Letters at Play

$  2.83

An exciting educational toy from Creative's for an easy and quick learning. The dice has letters carved on it. Your child can roll the dice to make words. This exciting game will improve your child's vocabulary and spelling skills. This will also develop your child's hand-eye coordination. Bring this home to add more fun to your child's playtime.

Learning, Observation, Memory, Vocabulary, Spelling
  • Age : 6-8
  • Category : Working with Words, Vocabulary

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Details of Creative's Healthy Eating
Creative's Healthy Eating - image

Creative's Healthy Eating

$  3.32

A fun-filled way to learn more about nutrition & healthy eating. Children can either create a balanced meal or match objects to their respective groups. The game also require players to burn off calories through physical activity.

Basic Knowledge
  • Age : 5 & up
  • Category : Healthy Eating

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