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Show Ads on your PhotoFolio

Displaying Ads and generating revenue
Sign up for Google Adsense

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This help page explains you the procedure to generate revenues when you share and people visit your photo pages. On most of your photo pages you can choose to add some offers(ads) that will help you generate revenue every time someone clicks on them. Remember, it is forbidden to click on ones own "per-click" offers, or to ask a third party to do so.
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Displaying Ads and generating revenue

SnapGalaxy has devised a model where every user can generate revenue sharing & showing their pictures. Visit your account page and apply to add the 'Advertising' feature into your personal pages. Once your request is approved & verified, you can place the Google Adsense code.

Once SnapGalaxy visitors visit your pages and click on the ads, you will make money. Google Adsense program keeps track of accounting and will issue the payment once the minimum limit is reached. All the revenues generated is yours to keep. Note: Enrolling into Advertising Program means that you agree to the Terms & Conditions of SnapGalaxy & Google Adsense program.
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Sign up for Google Adsense

After enrolling into 'Advertising' program, you can sign up for an outside ad provider Google AdSense and run those ads on your photo pages. To sign up for Google Adsense:

Note: If you already have an active Google AdSense account, skip steps 1 thro 4 and proceed from step 5.

  1. Go to the Google Adsense homepage and click the "Sign up now>>" button.

    Google adsense signup

  2. In the first box, enter SnapGalaxy URL:

    provide your photofolio

  3. Check the boxes to agree to the Adsense terms & conditions and click the "Submit Information" button.

    accept google adsense policies

  4. It may take 1-2 days for your account to be activated. Once you receive an email from Google AdSense saying Congratulations!, your account has bee activated and you can proceed with the next step. Moreover, depending upon your residence of country, google may ask for banking information to direct deposit the monthly earnings.
  5. Once you receive an email from Google, log in using the '"Existing AdSense users".

    sigin in to your google adsense account

  6. Click the AdSense Setup tab.

    select google adsense setup

  7. Click AdSense for Content.

    click adsense for content

  8. Click Single page and choose Ad unit.

    adsense for content single not wizard

  9. Scroll down and select format Vertical: 160x600 Wide Skyscrapper. This is the format we run on the right side of your photo pages.

    choose ad format

  10. Leave the color and corner style as Default Google palette

    choose ad color and corner style

  11. Copy your AdSense code.

    copy the adsense code by right click+copy

  12. In a seperate window, login to your SnapGalaxy account and visit AdSense link shown under your account page, or type the URL, for example, Here, in the text area, paste the copied Google Adsense code and click 'Save Adsense Code' button to activate the Google Ads.

    paste the adsense code by right click+paste

And, the last but not least ...
  • Google will capture your IP address hence, don't click on your own advertisements from your PC.

  • Dos:
  • Share your Photofolio with your friends and family.
  • Upload pictures to your public albums so that the visibility is high.
  • Use themes to personalize your PhotoFolio. Invite friends to build your network and let the money pour in.

  • Remember, Google pays AdSense publishers on a per click basis as well as per impression too.
    Please refer Google AdSense Policies to know more about it.
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